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Hana-Female- Plott Hound

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Hana-Female- Plott Hound Empty Hana-Female- Plott Hound

Post by Hana on Mon Aug 08, 2016 3:30 pm

Hana-Female- Plott Hound 130300_1155611203


1 year old.


Prefers males.

Plott Hound.

Hana got lost when she was very young, and was sent to an Animal Center. When she was 3 months old, she got adopted by a single man with other of the same breed (about her age), who lived in a small wooden house, and lived off of meat of animals he killed in a forest. He had planned to teach them to hunt, but he died while hunting. The dogs grew up, and learned to hunt by themselves, but a series of events made them split and live their own lives. Hana currently lives in the Rural Area, hunting the farm animals that get lost.

Hana has black fur, with brindle around her muzzle, and ankles, with a white stripe on her chest. Her fur is very soft, and even softer on her face and ears, but around her lower back her fur is soft at the base, with rough fur on the tips of each hair. Her ears are long, starting off angled out, then slowly turning to go flat to her face, starting to curve to go under her chin. Her tail is often held high, as for she is confident. Her paws are on the smaller side of medium. She is a healthy weight and height, of 23 inches tall, and 58 pounds.

Stubborn, hot-headed, shy, cares about others and loves to help, kind, can be a bit childish at times, but understands when the situation is serious and will be confident of her skills.

Mom: Bubble

Hana-Female- Plott Hound Hanado11

Dad: Sand

Hana-Female- Plott Hound Hanaad10

She had 5 siblings:
Lily, female.
Jack, male.
Aaron, male.
Star, female.
Areen, male.

Mate: None, searching.
Crush: None.
Pups: None.

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Hana-Female- Plott Hound Empty Re: Hana-Female- Plott Hound

Post by Sino on Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:07 pm

Accepted- Thank you, Hana!
Welcome to the site, and thank you for being a Admin!

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