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Kodiak * Male * Arctic Wolf

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Kodiak * Male * Arctic Wolf Empty Kodiak * Male * Arctic Wolf

Post by Kodiak on Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:04 pm

Name : Kodiak
Gender : Male
Gender Preferred : Males And Females
Breed : Arctic Wolf

Starting off as a bundle of grey fur with his brother, Kadhir; Kodiak was born in a forest in the northern Canadian arctic. His mother, Ahiru, and his father, Grey, always did their best to raise the pups. Around the time when they were able to start learning to hunt, disaster struck. Their territory being near a hunter's lodge, there was always the constant fear of being hunted down. But when it finally happened, Kadhir and Kodiak hadn't expected it. The last time they saw their parents, they were tied up in a tree, hanging by their hind paws. They had been shot, and were ready to be skinned and sold. Kodiak and Kadhir slowly taught themselves to hunt, and battled harsh winters together. They lived off of lemmings, Ermines, and rabbits until they finally hunted down a elderly caribou together one day. After that they began trying to take down bigger game, and when they each reached about two years of age, the two brothers said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Kodiak hadn't been alone for long when he was captured and relocated to a deep forest in northern Minnesota. He of course had encounters with other wolves, none of which were friendly. Now living his life as a lone wolf in search of others that are more friendly, Kodiak roams the northern parts of the U.S.A, occasionally going back to Minnesota during the year. Unlike other wolves, he doesn't stay in one area .

Kodiak has, like most wolves, more than one layer of fur. His first coat is a fluffy pelt, which is mostly white. It is silky and not as thick as his second coat. His second one is much more thick and, though it's still soft, it has more of a rough texture. This pelt is meant to trap in heat, and it has specks of black and beige in it. During the warmer months, he sheds his fur to become cooler. His tail is normally hanging straight down or straight out in a line, but when around other wolves he keeps it up, if not straight out, to show he isn't scared. Kodiak, being a loner and unable to hunt as much prey as pack wolves, currently weighs 77 pounds, and at the shoulder, he stands at 2.7 feet.

Kodiak has both postive and negative character aspects of his personality, just like anyone would. He's fiercly loyal to those he cares about, but he's also serious and very protective, which could be good or bad. Yet, he's also highly stubborn. Though, at times he is more light-hearted and likes to play around with others.

Parents~ Ahiru + Grey Kodiak * Male * Arctic Wolf Animals___arctic_wolf_6_by_moonsongstock
Mother~ Ahiru : Left

Father~ Grey : Right

Kadhir (Brother, Front. Kodiak, Back) : http://d2ouvy59p0dg6k.cloudfront.net/img/arctic_wolf_1_365074.jpg




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Kodiak * Male * Arctic Wolf Empty Re: Kodiak * Male * Arctic Wolf

Post by Sino on Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:41 am

For looks, please just follow the list and put in that information and only that information, for traits, put in a one to ten word trait, with a comma after every one (example; Rude to strangers, Aggressive twords intruders, Strange, Trustworthy, not trusting due to past, etc)

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