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Ezhno-Male-Eastern Timber Wolf

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Ezhno-Male-Eastern Timber Wolf

Post by Ezhno on Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:01 am

Name: Ezhno- Meaning he who walks alone
Gender: Male
Gender Preference: Female
Breed: Eastern Timber Wolf

       Born on the American side of Lake Superior, he was raised in a small pack of 6 wolves, which was slowly depleting in numbers. He was very much an outcast, for he was antisocial, awkward, strange, and had a tendency to talk to himself. After a year, Ezhno left the pack and gave himself a new name and life, believing he was useless since he was the runt of his litter. Young and inexperienced, he had to teach himself most of his skills, which resulted in him balancing on the verge of hunger for 7 months. Now of 3 years, Ezhno is a strange lone wolf, whose only friends are himself and the moon. Despite the roughness of the past few months, he has turned into a strong-willed cheerful wolf.

     With a pelt of grays and whites, he tends to blend into the cliff sides and rocks. His bottom half is mostly white, with just a hint of gray in a few places. His top half consists of darker grays and black, with some streaks of white. His tails top is black, slowly moving through shades until the bottom, which is a very light gray. His fur is soft and silky thanks to his relentless grooming. His eyes are a soft gray, surrounded by white with some black at the tip of them. His ears are up and rounded, perfectly formed, with white tuffs in front. The rest of his two ears are blacks and a darker gray, with just a tad bit of white on the bottom outer side. They rest upward in a comfortable fashion. Ezhno's muzzle is average, if anything a tad bit smaller than normal.

      Ezhno has multiple personalities, switching as fast as his mood. He could be cheerful and hyper one moment, then sad and somber the next. Though it changes, his personalty still holds onto some traits. He is easily annoyed, but is nearly impossible to truely anger him. If you do, run like hell. He is not a force to be reckoned with. Extremely hard to insult him, for hes a wolf of many comebacks. When confronted for a crime, whether he committed it or not, he avoids answering by using heavy sarcasm. Though he stays distant, when you gain his loyalty, it is undying. He does not sympathize, but emphasizes, for it pains him to see others hurt. Ezhno is an extremely clever and intelligent wolf. Preferring the stars and the moon over the sun, he often sleeps during the day and travels at night. He loathes being controlled, one of the reasons he refuses joining any type of pack. Being incredibly vain, he is known to strut about and preen himself, even is no one is watching. Which they normally aren't. He gags at the thought of eating meat older than a day, and prefers hares and beavers anyway. He smells of pine and snow, and adores the stars and moon. Witty, and enjoys telling jokes to the trees, birds, rocks, himself. Basically everything. Most call him crazy, but he believes he just sees the world differently than all the others. Hes just searching for someone or something that does as well.

Siblings (Largest to smallest)
    Buck (In line to be the next alpha, if he isnt already), Mabaz(Male), and Kacela(Female).
Mate: None
Crush: None
Pups: None

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Re: Ezhno-Male-Eastern Timber Wolf

Post by Roxy on Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:58 pm

Please fix the format and color code the sections- if you need help with this feel free to pm me, or another admin/mod (someone with a red username)

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Re: Ezhno-Male-Eastern Timber Wolf

Post by Roxy on Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:27 pm

Thank you for updating it- but for looks, you must do all it says (ears, tail, coat, etc)
and for personality, you must say traits (kind, aggressive, Introvert, outrovert, etc) and you don't need extra facts (such as his fur is like that to blend in with cliffs), just do the given list for looks, and traits that are one to ten words! (example "not very trusting of others due to past" isn't too long)
but you did the colorcoding perfectly!

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Re: Ezhno-Male-Eastern Timber Wolf

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