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✰ Roxy ✰ Female ✰ Mudi X Great Dane X American Pit Bull Terrier ✰

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✰ Roxy ✰ Female ✰ Mudi X Great Dane X American Pit Bull Terrier ✰

Post by Roxy on Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:27 pm

✿ ✿Roxy✿ ✿ Aka- Steel, Mossberg, Mossy
Prefers Males
Mudi X Great Dane X American Pit Bull Terrier
1 year 7 months old

Oº°‘¨ History ¨‘°ºO
Before Roxy was born, her mother was a stray, her mother, belle, having to give birth to Roxy in the wild. She decided to give birth to her in the countryside, as for there were a few farmers who could use a Mudi. Belle was a pureblood Mudi, but the father is a great dane pitbull mix, who was shot by a police officer while defending his gang. Belle hoped the farmer wouldn't notice that they were mutts, which he didn't, and ended up taking all 3 of the puppies. He kept Roxy and Belle, giving away the other two boys. Belle knew that meant Roxy would have to soon take over the gang her father built; as for the other two wouldn't have training from the mother. At 10 weeks old, belle ends up running away with Roxy onto the streets. Belle taught her what to do, and at 3 months old, Tiny Roxy was the leader of 70 dogs in the gang, the gang still growing. Roxy is now 1 year and 7 months old, and the gang now has about 120 dogs.
Read the rest in the role play!

Oº°‘¨ Looks ¨‘°ºO
Roxy has black patches on white fur, with a few black hairs on the white giving it a silverish blue look. She has a large spot on her eye, and one side has larger spots than the other. She used to have a rope that would wrap around her neck and the extra was used as a leash. her fur is pretty silky, actually, really silky, and soft. Her ears stick straight up. 1/3rd of her tail was cut off, causing it to drop down, and she only really raises it when angry of defensive. She has oddly small wrists and ankles, and huge paws, much larger than they should be. She gets her height from a great dane, much like her father, 34 inches at the shoulder, and only 170 pounds, about 30 pounds too skinny.

Oº°‘¨ Traits¨‘°ºO
Devoted, Gentle to friends, Friendly until needed to be mean, Confident, Loving, very Strong Willed/stubborn, Obedient, Loyal, Clownish, Courageous, Intelligent, Affectionate, Lively, Alert, Energetic, and Keen.

Oº°‘¨ Family ¨‘°ºO
Mother~ Belle AKA Bella
(She is on the right)

Father~ Her father is unknown, though we know he is a tan Great Dane Pit Bull mix, with a black muzzle and black paws.

Shadow- Male (middle in the picture shown below)
Coal - Male (Far right in the picture shown below, roxy is on the far left)




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