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Dear mods/admins (or people who want to be one)

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Dear mods/admins (or people who want to be one)

Post by Roxy on Fri Jul 08, 2016 6:37 pm

If you are a admin/mod, or would like to become one, read this

Want to become A mod??
If you want to be a mod, You must understand both sides of a story, and decide fairly what side gets justice. You must understand and obey all rules, and help others understand rules, as well as give others warnings (read on to see what warning pms you should give for each subject) If you don't follow even 1 rule, its a instant 3 warnings on your mod sheet (a mod sheet is pretty much another set of warnings- when you run out of warnings on your mod sheet, you are no longer a mod. There are 5 warnings.)

What do I PM someone if they are inactive??
Pm this please;
"Hello dear (insert users name)
I'm sorry that you're getting this pm, Because it means you have been declared inactive. You well have only 1 warning, unless you don't come on and post something within 10 days from now. In 10 days, you well get another warning that looks the same as this, if you haven't gone on.
(Put admin or mod, which ever you are) - (insert your name)"

What can I PM to a new member as a welcome??
You can pm the following

"Hello (users name in bold + white letters)! I see you have joined dog-wolf-roleplay.forumotion.com, Which I thank you for! Please, Within this week, do all of the following;
Your bio
I would recommend reading the example to see the exact requirements, and then a few of the accepted bios to see a better example (I would also recommend copy + Pasting the example bio onto your new topic, Then deleting whatever you have done <3) Keep in mind your bio topic should be "Name, Gender, Breed/type of wolf" and if you are a mix, For example a Dalmatian Pit bull mix, Your name is coal, and your a male, you would put "Coal, Male, Dalmatian X Pit bull"
You must have your avatar.
Your avatar should be what your character looks like, Otherwise I well change your avatar myself. Now, Hopefully that list of 2 things doesn't look too long, Though a bio is pretty hard, I must admit. If you need help, Feel free to ask anyone with a red username, as for that means they are a mod/admin! Don't feel shy to ask them for help, They signed up for that to help you! Please, make sure you read the rules at least once a month, just to see if there is a new rule added (You can always just scroll to the bottom and see if a new rule was added)
(Your username), (mod/admin, which ever you are)"

If you have any questions about a situation, ask below. if a question can be answered above I well simply ignore it, and ask all other mods/admins to do the same.

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